Professional 458mm variable speed scroll saw with unique arm lift design

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Model #: SSA18V

458mm variable speed scroll saw with unique arm lift design for wood or plastic cutting.

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Remember when you could make intricate and artful cuts? Let the good times scroll with the ALLWIN 458mm variable speed scroll saw.

1.Parallel-arm design combined with heavy duty steel construction limit vibration and reduces noise.
2.Spacious 540 x 350mm steel table bevels up to 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.
3.Dual side panels flip open for easy-access tool-free blade changes.
4.Upper arm locks in raised position to allow for fast blade replacement, easy interior cuts and work piece adjustments.
5.Features a variable speed 120W DC brush motor to cutting 20mm to 50mm thick wood or plastic and eve soft metal.
6.Equips with two 5-inch (15TPI + 18TPI) pinless blades, pinless blade holder included. 10TPI, 20TPI, 25TPI and spiral blades 43TPI & 47TPI are available too.
7.Supply a 38mm dust port
8.Adjustable material hold-down clamp.
9.Supply 500 ~ 1500SPM cutting speed and 20mm cutting stroke.
10.CE certification.


1. Adjustable arm 45° to the left and right
Arm bevels up to 45 degrees to the left and right for angled cutting.
2. Variable Speed design
Variable speed can be adjusted from 550 to 1500SPM by turning a knob, this allows fast and slow detail cutting.
3. Optional saw blade
Equipped 133mm length both pin and plain saw blade @ 15TPI & 18TPI each. Optional saw blades of 10TPI, 20TPI, 25TPI & even spiral blades 43TPI & 47TPI available. Pinless blade holder included.
4. Dust Blower
The adjustable dust blower clears sawdust from your work area to give you a clear line of vision.
5. Blade Storage Box
Designed side blade storage box.

Model SSA18BVF

S1 90W S2 120W 30min
DC Brush Motor

Saw Blade 133mm @ 15TPI + 18TPI
Cutting Speed 550 ~ 1500SPM
Cutting Stroke 20mm
Max. Cutting Depth 50mm @ 90° or 20mm @ 45°
Max Cutting Size 458mm (18”)
Steel Table Size 540 x 350mm
Safety Approval CE



Logistical Data

Net / Gross Weight: 18.9 / 21 kg
Packaging dimension: 830 x 230 x 490mm
20” Container load:280 pcs
40” Container load: 568 pcs

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