Things To Consider When Choosing Allwin Dust Collector

Dust is an unavoidable part of working in a woodshop. Besides causing a mess, it poses a danger to the health of the workers and causes discomfort. If you want to maintain a safe and healthy environment in your workshop, you should find a reliable dust collector to help you keep the space clean. This article will help you to a proper dust collectors made by Allwin Power Tools.

Bag volume capacity
Bag volume capacity makes a lot of difference if you have plenty of dust around your shop. If you are working with lots of sanding, grinding, or sawing, you should choose a dust collector with a high bag volume capacity.

If you have a project that doesn’t produce much dust, you should choose a portable small dust collector that suits your workstation.  

Value for the money
Just buying a dust collector doesn’t complete your dust collection strategy. You will be using this collector for a long time, so you should know if it will stay with you for an extended period of time. In addition to the initial purchase cost, replacing parts, energy consumption during operation, and lost production during the cleaning time are some of the costs that add up to the expenses of running a dust collector.

Given that you need to eliminate dust from your entire workstation, you should look for a dust collector that maneuvers easily. Casters and wheels will allow you to cart the dust collector across your space and even transfer it from one workshop to another. Generally, a portable dust collector is lightweight and easy to handle. Make sure you find a model that accommodates all your requirements.

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Things To Consider When Choosing Allwin Dust Collector

Post time: Sep-07-2023