What are the safe operating procedures for planing machinery?

Safety operation rules for press planing and flat planing machinery

1. The machine should be placed in a stable manner. Before operation, check whether the mechanical parts and protective safety devices are loose or malfunction. Check and correct first. The machine tool is only allowed to use a one-way switch.

2. The thickness and weight of the blade and blade screws must be the same. The knife holder splint must be flat and tight. The blade fastening screw should be embedded in the blade slot. The fastening blade screw must not be too loose or too tight.

3. Keep your body stable when planing, stand on the side of the machine, do not wear gloves during operation, wear protective glasses, and tie the sleeves of the operator tightly.

4. During operation, press the wood with your left hand and push it evenly with your right hand. Do not push and pull with your fingers. Do not press your fingers on the side of the wood. When planing, first plan the large surface as the standard, and then plan the small surface. Press plate or push stick must be used when planing small or thin materials, and hand pushing is prohibited.

5. Before planing old materials, nails and debris on the materials must be cleaned up. In case of wood chaff and knots, feed slowly, and it is strictly forbidden to press your hands on knots to feed.

6. No maintenance is allowed when the machine is running, and it is forbidden to move or remove the protective device for planing. The fuse should be selected strictly according to the regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to change the substitute cover at will.

7. Clean up the scene before leaving get off work, do a good job of fire prevention, and lock the box with mechanical power off.


Post time: Mar-23-2021