How to Use a Planer Thicknesser

Planer Thicknesser produced by Allwin Power Tools is a workshop machine used in woodworking which allows the planing and smoothing of large sections of timber to the exact size.

There are normally three parts to the Planer Thicknesser:

Cutting blade

Feed in feed out rollers

Adjustable level table

When planning a length of timber it is advised not to try and cut the required thickness in one go as this could make the planer jump, tear and give a bumpy, rippled finish. Plane off in small amounts until you achieve the finished thickness.

When changing the thickness of a long section of timber, rolling supports can be placed before and after the planer to support the timber plank on its entry and departure from the machine making this process safer.

If the machine you are using does not have a self feeding action, make sure you have that little piece of wood to hand to finish pushing the timber length through so that your hands are not exposed to cutting blades. As always with machinery that creates dust and debris, please use of gloves, dust masks and eye protection.

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Post time: Jun-13-2023