Choosing A Scroll Saw from Allwin Power Tools

Allwin’s scroll saws are easy to use, quiet and very safe, making scrolling an activity the whole family can enjoy. Scroll sawing can be fun, relaxing and rewarding. Before purchasing, give serious thought to what you’d like to do with your saw. If you want to do intricate fretwork, you need a saw with some more features. When you’re looking for a scroll saw from Allwin’s on-line store, here are a couple of features that may help you to make desicion soon:

Parallel Arm design–Two arms run parallel to each other with the blade attached to the ends of each arm. There are two pivot points used in this design, and the blade moves in a nearly true up and down motion. This is the safest of the modern saws because when the blade breaks, the top arm swings up and out of the way, stopping immediately.

Blade types: There are two major kinds of scroll saw blades: pin-end and plain or flat-end. Pin-end blades have a pin at each end of the blade in order to hold it in place. Plain end blades are simply plain and require blade holder to hold the end in place.

Thickness of cut: This is the maximum cutting thickness you can cut with the saw. Two inches is about what most saws will cut; most cuts will not be over 3¼4″ thick.

Throat length(Cutting capacity): This is the distance between the saw blade and the back of the saw. Allwin 16 inches to 22 inches scroll saw are about as large as 95 percent of all projects require, so unless you have some very unusual needs, the extra throat length is not necessary.

Table tilt: The ability to cut on an angle might be important to some people. Some saws tilt only one way, usually to the left, up to 45 degrees. Some saws tilt both ways.

Speed: With scroll saws, speed is measured by the strokes per minute. Some saws have variable speeds, some have two speeds. It is a good idea to have at least two speeds, but a variable speed saw gives you the most options for cutting materials other than wood. To cut plastics, for example, you need a slow speed to reduce heat buildup.

Accessories: There are a few accessories you should consider purchasing with your scroll saw, for example, pin and pinless blades, flexible shaft with kits box.

Scroll Saw Stand–Allwin provide solid stand for 18″ and 22″ scroll saws.

Foot switch–Is a very handy accessory as it frees up both hands, makes the saw even safer to use, and will actually speed up your work.

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Post time: Mar-31-2023