Constant speed 457mm long shaft bench polisher

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Model #: TLG-150BGB

370W powerful motor long shaft distance benchtop electric surface polisher

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The 6inch buffing machine is a dual end buffing machine designed for a variety of projects that require a smooth and polished surface. It’s intended for an assortment of materials, including metal, aluminum, chrome, plastic and other materials.18 inch long shaft distance.1/2 HP (370W) Powerful induction motor for reliable performance.Two buffing wheels,including spiral sewn buffing wheel and soft buffing wheel.

Heavy Duty Build and Performance

Our benchtop buffer was constructed with a cast iron base that not only gives this machine a sturdy and grounded foundation, but it’s designed to reduce vibration while in use. So heavy duty cast iron base for reducing vibration.And this key feature also helps eliminate potential damage to your work area or stock, often caused by vibrational buffering.


In addition to a solid build, this tool is equipped with extra long, ball bearing supported precision machine shafts for highly durable performance.

Compact Design with Big Capability

No matter the project, if you require a smooth and polished finish, then this buffer machine has everything you need to get the job done. The motor was carefully crafted and designed for long-term use. For simplicity, it flaunts an easy-to-use off/on switch – producing a quick start-up that won’t stall when you need it the most. Equipped with 4 wheel flanges, 2 buffing wheels, and tightening nuts - this bench buffer is delivered complete and ready-to-use within minutes.

Power Watts(S1): 250; Watts(S2 10min): 370;
Buffing wheel size 150*8*12.7MM; 6*5/16*1/2 Inch
Wheel diameter 150 MM
Wheel thickness 8 MM
Shaft diameter 12.7 MM
Motor speed 50Hz: 2980 ; 60Hz: 3580;
Base material Cast Iron
Wheel material Cotton
Carton size 505*225*255 MM
Dimensions 404*225*255 MM
N.W./G.W 9.0/9.5
Container load 20 GP 1062
Container load 40 GP 2907
Container load 40 HP 2380

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