Once you’ve determined to buy Allwin benchtop or floor drill press for your business, please consider below drill press features.


One important feature for drill presses, large and small, is the tool’s drilling capacity. The capacity of a drill press refers to the greatest diameter that a drill press can bore into a particular material. You need to consider not just the ability to drill holes quickly, but also how well it stands up to frequent use.

Drill Accuracy

The drill’s accuracy is also essential, especially when working with delicate materials. There are many different ways to increase the accuracy of the machine. Even for larger projects, there are Allwin drill press options that allow for incredible accuracy with a floor-standing model.

Stroke Distance

The stroke distance represents how far the drill bit can travel up and down while using the drill press. As the distance grows larger, so does the thickness of the material you can safely bore. A larger stroke distance also makes it easier to work with bits of different sizes, saving time and providing options.


The power supplied from the drill press’s motor also impacts the size of the hole you can bore and the strength of the materials you can cut through. Larger bits often require a press with more power to drill into the objects. Most workshops can get away with a model boasting 1/2 or 2/3 horsepower.

Work Table

The two most essential table options to consider when looking for a new drill press are the table’s size and the tilt. The bigger the projects you intend on completing, the larger the table you want for your drill press. Larger tables are also helpful for holding your materials and provide a better view than if you tried boring on a smaller surface. You can move its height up and down to allow for better access. There will be times when working on a project where you will need to bore a hole at an incline.This is where the table’s tilt comes in. It controls your ability to modify the entry point of the bit, enabling you to drill holes at different angles.

Drilling Speed

Drilling speed is the ability to control the drill speed. Allwin 5 speed drill press, 12 speed drill press or variable speed drill press will give you the ability to adjust the speed output for the bit, making drilling into some materials much more effortless. 


Post time: Apr-04-2023