8”x6” wet/dry grinder with coolant tray and optional LED light

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Model #: TDS-150EWG

8”x6” wet/ dry grinder with coolant tray and optional LED light for turning tool sharpening

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Create the sharpest edges with the ALLWIN 8”x6” wet and dry grinder, you’ll have everything you need to bring dull tools back to life. Because its a ALLWIN product, your wet and dry grinder comes backed by a one year warranty and a professional 24-hour on-line service.


1. Optional LED light
2. Low speed wet sharpening
3. High speed dry grinding
4. Dust proof switch
5. Cast aluminum base


1. Powerful 250W induction motor delivers smooth, accurate results
2. Eye shield protects you from flying debris without obstructing your view
3. Coolant tray for cooling heated material
4. Adjustable tool rests extend the life of the grinding wheels
5. 200 mm wheel for wet sharpening

TDS-150EWG Scroll Saw (6)



Dry wheel size


Wet wheel size


Wheel grit

60# / 80#

Base material

Cast aluminum


Optional LED light


Dust proof switch

Coolant tray




Logistical Data

Net / Gross weight: 11.5 / 13kg
Packaging dimension: 485x 330 x 365 mm
20” Container load: 480 pcs
40” Container load: 1020 pcs
40” HQ Container load: 1176 pcs

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