Tips when using a table saw of Allwin power tools

Allwin's table saws are equipped with 2 handles and wheels for easy moving in your workshop

Allwin's table saws have extension table and sliding table for various cutting works of long wood/timber

Use rip fence if making rip cutting

Always use the miter gauge when cross cutting

Keep your material flat when cutting to avoid injuries

Use the push stick to protect your hands when cutting


There are two different cuts that we often use, that is rip cutting and cross cutting.


Rip Cutting


Set Blade Depth

Set the table saw fence

Position outfeed support

Rip Cut the material

Finish by using a push stick

Turn off the table saw, wait for blade to stop running


Cross Cutting


Set Miter gauge perfectly square to blade

Make precise square cuts

Make accurate 45-degree miter cuts

Use support when cutting long boards

When done, power down table saw, wait for blade to stop running


Please send message to us from the page of “contact us” or bottom of product page if you are interested in Allwin's table saw.


Post time: May-10-2023