Happy learning, happy LEAN and efficient work

In order to promote the whole staff to learn, understand and apply lean, enhance the learning interest and enthusiasm of grass-roots employees, strengthen the efforts of department heads to study and coach team members, and enhance the sense of honor and centripetal force of team work; The Lean Office of the group held the “lean knowledge competition”.


The six teams participating in the competition are: general assembly workshop 1, general assembly workshop 2, general assembly workshop 3, general assembly workshop 4, general assembly workshop 5 and general assembly workshop 6.

Competition results: First place: the sixth workshop of general assembly; Second place: the fifth general assembly workshop; Third place: general assembly workshop 4.

The chairman of the board, who was present at the competition, affirmed the activities. He said that such activities should be organized regularly, which is very conducive to promoting the combination of learning and practice of front-line employees, applying what they have learned, and integrating knowledge with practice. Learning ability is the source of all abilities of a person. A person who loves learning is a happy person and the most popular person.

Post time: Aug-11-2022