Difficulties and hopes coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist  -by Chairman of Allwin (Group) : Yu Fei

At the peak of the new coronavirus infection, our cadres and workers are at the front line of production and operation at the risk of being infected by the virus. They are doing their best to meet the delivery needs of customers and complete the developme  plan of new products on time, and earnestly plan carefully for next year’s policy goals and action plans. Here, I sincerely hope that everyone will take care of their health, overcome the virus, and welcome the arrival of spring with high morale and heal thy physique.

In the past year, the macroeconomic situation was very severe. Both domestic and foreign demand declined significantly in the second half of the year. Allwin also faced the most severe test in many years. In this extremely unfavorable situation, the company worked together from top to bottom to maintain the annual operating performance without large fluctuations, and created new business highlights and new development opportunities in the face of adversity. This is due to our persistence on the correct business path and the hard work of all employees. Looking back on 2022, we have too many things worth stopping to recall, and too many touches and emotions to keep in our hearts.

Looking forward to 2023, enterprises are still facing severe challenges and tests. The export situation is declining, domestic demand is insufficient, costs fluctuate greatly, and the task of fighting the epidemic is arduous. However, opportunities and challenges coexist. Allwin‘s decades of development experience tell us that no matter when, as long as we strengthen our confidence, work hard, practice our internal skills, and be ourselves, we will not be afraid of any wind and rain. In the face of opportunities and challenges, we must aim high, increase innovation, pay close attention to new product development and new business development,comprehensively improve the management level of the enterprise, attach importance to personnel training and team building, and make efforts no less than anyone else,towards our corporate vision and goals bravely forward.


Post time: Jan-12-2023